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Susie Scurry: vocals, guitar, organ and banjo, 

Heidi Barrett: back up vocals, 

Tobias Hengeveld: electric guitar, vocals, 

Johnny Wilson: fiddle, 

Lochie Bradfield: double bass, 

Glen Walton: double bass tracks 5 and 7, 

Chris Bolton: drum kit, 

Cayn Borthwick: alto saxaphone


All songs written by Susie Scurry except track 4 written by Susie and Lochie Bradfield

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Huggins

Album co-produced by Nick Huggins and The Grand Magoozi

Cover photo taken by Sudeep Lingamneni

Design By Amber Candy


Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged Magoozi over the years. Much love to all musicians and artists involved in this album, it has been such a pleasure. Thank you to all my various music teachers. Special thanks to my mum, dad, brothers and sisters, Nick, Glen, Pablo, Monte and Heidi.